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At WiseOnWater we work in partnership with you, our client, to develop high quality news stories that will communicate your company’s developments and achievements with your customers, wherever they are in the world. Specialising in technical and engineering products and services related to the water industry, here at WoW we can develop a strategy that will deliver your company’s key messages to its customers - clearly and consistently.

This is achieved through a variety of media - all of which are dependent on the creation of high quality written content – trade magazines and journals, news and company websites, email or mail shots, promotional literature and social media.

As former editors in the water industry, the copy we create appeals to specialist editors and reporters because it is always well written, engaging and relevant. It shares and highlights the advantages of our clients’ products and services while remaining rooted in the wider context of the global water sector.
WoW is a family business with a rich heritage in water media.
Natasha Wiseman
Founder and Chief Executive
T: +44 (0)7880 502547
Former editor of titles including Water & Wastewater Treatment, WWTonline, World Water and Infrastructure for China, Natasha has been writing about the water industry for over 10 years.

She specialises in engineering, construction, business, utilities, innovation, energy and water, technology and policy. She is also experienced in delivering high level events for the water sector and has a high profile in the UK water industry.

Leilah Nicola
Technical Writer & Client Manager
T: +44 (0)7464 262555
E: leilah@wiseonwater.com
Leilah has more than a decade of experience in the water industry, having held various positions in the Southern Water communications team, working on campaigns around water resources, FOG awareness and bathing water quality, as well as promoting innovation and capital delivery investment. 

Before that she worked as a journalist and news editor.

Calie Rydings 
Technical Writer & Client Manager 
T:  +44 (0)7765 655967
E: calie@wiseonwater.com

Calie has more than five years of experience in the water industry, having held the position of media manager at Southern Water. During her time there, she created a multi-media digital team, working on creative and award-winning campaigns around FOG awareness, water efficiency and bathing water quality, as well as promoting innovation and capital investment.

A former business journalist, with a passion for communications and the power of social media, Calie has also worked as a social media manager at a non-profit, and a senior press officer at a national charity.

Helen Cameron
Marketing Consultant

Helen is a qualified member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing with over 15 years experience. She now uses her expertise to help WiseOnWater's clients in the water and environment sector reach their full potential. By developing successful marketing strategies, companies can identify and maximise valuable opportunities.

Helen's expertise also includes project management for website design and development, production of sales collateral and planning for social media and events.

Nancy Smith
Technical Writer & Client Manager 
T:  +44 (0)7385197421
E: nancy@wiseonwater.com

Nancy has more than five years of experience in the water sector, having held the position of communications & engagement executive at Water Resources East. During her time there she co-ordinated their transition to an independent company, creating a cohesive communications strategy ranging from engaging social media posts to in-depth academic reports.


A trained journalist and social scientist with a passion for communications and the power of telling a story, Nancy has diverse experience including working on international water conservation projects. She has published a diverse range of articles, formed research projects and also presents the podcast What is water?


If you want to know more, phone +44 (0)7880 502547 or email info@wiseonwater.com, giving us a convenient time to call you.

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