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Digital tool helps utilities overcome sludge pumping challenges

Sophisticated ​software ​developed by ​BHR Group and ​launched this ​month is ​already helping ​water utilities ​analyse their ​sludge pumping ​systems and ​reduce costs.​ ​

Powerful water documentary has global premiere

British Water welcomes supply chain report

British Water has welcomed a report from Energy & Utility Skills and Balfour Beatty which calls for the water industry to protect the sustainability of its supply chain and workforce

Finance key to a sustainable water future

More businesses than ever are realising their long-term prosperity depends on having enough water at the right time.

Harnessing the benefits of process patents

As WPL is granted another process patent for biological wastewater treatment, technical director Andrew Baird shares insights on what is involved and why it matters in terms of innovation

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