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Technological breakthroughs driving growth of water-quality monitoring - BlueTech report

Advances in technology, including miniature sensors and robotic fish, are leading a rapid advance in online smart monitoring of the quality of water in both municipal and industrial systems across the world.

Yorkshire Water trials innovative sewer pipe lining technology

UK utility Yorkshire Water has undertaken the UK's first trials of an innovative technology for lining sewer pipes. Nu Flow's Nu Drain cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) liner has only just become available to UK utilities, but has already been applied widely across North America.

​WPL Miranda RBC makes UK wastewater debut

Next generation RBC package treatment technology arrives in the UK; Flexible, modular on-site system; Lower power consumption; Suitable for commercial premises including hotels, office blocks and industrial developments; Environmentally friendly wastewater treatment; Unique modular design allows above or below ground installation

Aquamatix brings the Internet of Things to the Basingstoke Canal

The Basingstoke Canal has contracted with Aquamatix, pioneer of the Internet of Things in water, to provide real-time monitoring and control of water resources, to allow the public to access information about the canal, and to reduce energy consumed by canal operations.

Industry comment: Beat the AMP cycle boom/bust sales blues

Regulatory AMP cycle can be devastating for SMEs; Service offering is key to softening boom and bust; Keep customers close and revenues steady

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