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Collaborative summit to explore future of FOG

A collaborative event will bring together water, wastewater and sustainability experts to explore new ways of tackling fat, oil and grease (FOG) in sewers and pave the way for a blockage-free future.

Tackling trunk main losses with combined technologies

Finding leaks on transmission pipes and trunk mains can be especially challenging and with water utilities on the lookout for emerging technologies to tackle this issue, a revolutionary satellite leak detection project in Africa shows there are solutions to this complex problem, as Jonathan Jacobi, director of sales, Utilis explains.

Ammonia removal technology selected for Scottish site

Scottish Water has selected WPL to deliver enhanced ammonia removal at a remote treatment works.

Research shows water shutoff ban saves lives

Latest Water Action Platform webinar reveals how ban on water shutoffs prevents deaths.

Technology trials ease trade effluent pressure

Pressure on industrial sites to meet strict trade effluent standards is mounting but with many companies lacking inhouse treatment expertise, onsite trials are becoming an increasingly appealing option says Adam Parmenter, business executive at wastewater specialist WPL

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