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Brave Blue World – it’s sooo good!

Documentary tells the world about the innovations that could fix global water and sanitation crises.

​Water documentary goes mainstream

A powerful documentary that aims to drive positive change in water is set to reach a global audience of millions.

MWH Treatment to play key role in Thames Capital Delivery programme

MWH Treatment (MWHT) has successfully secured a place on Thames Water's non-infrastructure framework for the asset management period 2020-25 (AMP7).

Scale-up data technology, water companies urged

There has been “significant growth” in the use of data by the UK water sector but technology now needs to be rolled out at scale if optimum benefits are to be felt over the next five years.

UK-India water MoU offers great boost to trade

British Water ​chief executive ​Lila Thompson ​says a new ​Memorandum of ​Understanding (​MoU) agreed ​between India ​and the ​UK’s ​leading water ​sector trade ​association ​will “​bring a great ​boost” to ​trading ​relationships ​between the two ​countries.

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