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Remote access gave utilities Covid-19 advantage, says review

Water utilities who already had remote access to their systems were at an advantage when Covid-19 lockdowns were introduced around the world.

Paving the way for greater inclusion in water

A glass ceiling is still “looming over” women working across the water industry and despite some progress, the sector is being held back by exclusion, Ofwat chief executive Rachel Fletcher told a British Water conference.

Supporting women's careers in uncertain times

Career progression may have dropped down the list of priorities for women and men in the water industry during the Covid-19 crisis, while they manage new working arrangements and, in many cases, increased childcare responsibilities.

Delivering essential learning in a digital landscape

As onsite training takes a back seat due to Covid-19, digital sessions are proving to be an effective alternative with far-reaching benefits, writes Ceris Van de Vyver, head of technology and training, at Isle UK

​Czech town welcomes wastewater treatment installation

A new wastewater treatment system installed in a town in the Czech Republic will protect valued fishing ponds and raise the quality to required EU environmental standards.

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