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​Utilities update on capital delivery plans

The impact that Covid-19 was having on water companies’ delivery of capital projects was discussed at British Water’s Better Together video conference for members.

Water industry pledges support for supply chain

The importance of the water industry supplier community, and the steps being taken to protect it during the Covid-19 pandemic, were under discussion at British Water’s weekly video conference with members.

Decommissioning guide published for grease management systems

The Grease Contractors Association (GCA) has issued important advice to food service establishments (FSEs) on how to safely decommission their kitchen grease management systems.

Statement from British Water chief executive Lila Thompson on the Environment Agency’s National Framework for Water Resources

British Water welcomes the Environment Agency’s National Framework for Water Resources in England and the opportunities it provides for collaborative working, as the industry and regulators re-think their approach to water.

Ofwat chief urges suppliers to “be assertive”

Ofwat’s chief executive Rachel Fletcher urged members of the supply community to actively engage with water companies and be assertive to ensure their voices are heard ahead of the 2020-2025 investment period.

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