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Public relations material that is carefully crafted and targeted appropriately is very effective in creating or developing a brand and in generating new business. By maximising its usefulness, it can help drive other important marketing vehicles such as company newsletters and can keep website content relevant and up-to-date.

WiseOnWater will work with you to create a plan that identifies your key media outlets and establishes a detailed strategy to ensure that all of your PR is issued at the right time, in the right place and reaches the right people. Delivery of your marketing plan will be our responsibility. This is what WiseOnWater can do for you (click headings or scroll down for further details):


To drive your business forward and achieve higher growth, a strategic marketing plan is essential. WiseOnWater can help to ensure your company’s brand, products and services are targeted correctly and positioned effectively against the competition. We can identify your unique selling points and pinpoint the best mix of marketing tactics to communicate to your customers, within your budget.

Media planning
By working closely with you and understanding your market, your business, your competition and your customers, we can plan a strategy for an effective media campaign that can be used in a comprehensive business plan. We can monitor and evaluate that media coverage to demonstrate a campaign’s effectiveness.

Press releases
Regular, well- written communications, sent to the magazines, newspapers and websites related to your business keep your company’s brand, development initiatives, products and services in front of your customers.

By liaising with key editors in your sector to identify subjects of editorial interest, we can then create articles that meet their needs and at the same time highlight the positive experiences that you or your customers have had with your products and services.
This may take the form of case studies, technical features, how-to guides, comment pieces or company/market profiles. Case studies are particularly effective - they demonstrate that your products and services are being applied successfully. They also reveal third-party approval for your company and its products and services.
To create a case study we can visit the site, interview the appropriate person and source suitable imagery.


Email and mail shot
Well-crafted eNewsletters sharing information about your products, services, company developments and projects can create high customer response levels and help to build your brand. We ensure that your email Newsletter reaches your target audience and is engaging and informative.

It is also possible to build the newsletter into a company website and monitor and measure the success of any mailing. eNewsletters represent a highly effective means with which to communicate with your target audience.
There is also the option of a direct mail service if this is the appropriate way to go.

Quality copy-writing for websites will ensure that key messages about your business are easily identified when customers land on your site. Web sites should have a section for the latest news and this is something we can update and maintain.
The way a site is constructed and managed can make a big difference to the impact it has on your customer base.

Company literature communicates key messages about your brand to customers and, as with all PR, is an extension of the brand. It should be well-designed, targeted, clear and concise.

Social media

The fast-changing landscape of social media can be an effective way of transmitting news to media outlets and to customers. Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook are a quick and convenient route to a global network.
With highly developed networks of our own in the water sector, WiseOnWater can advise on integrating social media with other forms of PR. We can also create and run social media accounts for our clients.

If you want to know more about working with us, phone +44 (0)1273 721150
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